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PostSubject: THE RULES!   THE RULES! EmptySun Apr 27, 2008 10:39 pm

Before You Start to or Reply Post. Please read these simple rules:

This forum is mainly for teenagers to discuss all about rock and roll

Only two languages are accepted as formal language in this forum. That is, English and Malay language. Translation in Malay: Anda digalakkan untuk memulakan sesuatu topik dalam bahasa Inggeris agar ahli lain dari negara luar dapat menyertai perbincangan anda, dan jika topik anda merupakan suatu topik khas dalam bahasa Melayu sepenuhnya. Pastikan topik tersebut dimulai dengan My: Tajuk Anda

Use decent language please. Do not use aggressive words such as stupid, fool, damn, f**k, bit*h and whatsoever connected.

No direct link (Direct link will only be allowed in Your Own Signature, Downloads and Advertisements category)
Example: Instead of using direct link like this Example you can use indirect link like this www.teenseager.co.cc

No spamming.

Don't touch sensitive issues such as religion, race, s*x, excessive brutes, nationality and any nation laws.

Helpful criticism and suggestions to others through easy understandable words and decent languages are really encouraged.

Make sure your topic is posted in the correct section of the forum.

Strictly! If you want to promote your products, services, websites, affiliates and etc. Post it only in Advertisements category.

Please follow and respect these simple rules. Violators will either be BAN, WARN, TOPIC MOVE or TOPIC DELETE.

king Happy Posting to all.
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